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Is your project in need of a 100% dedicated SEO freelancer? Contact us for more information on how we can help to get your project to convert more leads. Boost your online project!

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To convert visitors into sales it all starts with webdesign. Having a fast, reliable, structured website is one of the most important factors of generating leads. We build our websites 100% Search Engine Optimized and responsive on any device.

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Backlink building, competition analyses, google ranking consultancy, SEO consultancy and Social Media Marketing Consultancy. These are all examples of the services we can provide for your online project! Contact us for more information.

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Lead generation

We offer 100% dedicated and targeted lead generation. Targeted prospecting mailings, social media monitoring, prospecting on niche forums and other platforms,... Boost your project with our dedicated lead generation support.

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Keyword Marketing

Do you need help setting up a keyword marketing plan? We provide you with the best keywords that suit your project. We also re-write your existing content to optimize all the main keywords for search engines.

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SEO Partnership

Do you want to expand your webdesign & development company and offer your clients SEO services? As freelancers we are very flexible considering partnerships. Contact us for more information about how we can help your company.

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Need help setting up a successful PPC campaign in Google, Facebook, Linkedin, ...? From keyword research to full monitoring & management. We'll make sure your campaign achieves a high ROI.

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There are many tracking tools that can track every single piece of information of every visitor that visits your website. SEO Plus provides you a monthly rapport & consultancy about your website visitor statistics and uses this info to analyze the hot-spots on the website to increase conversion.

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E-mail Marketing

Need help gathering a double opt-in e-mail list? Do you want to convert visitors into subscribers? Are your e-mails ending up in the spam folder? We help you with every step to setup a legit e-mail marketing campaign including consultancy on how to avoid spam listings.

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Is your website Search Engine Optimized?


about us

SEO plus is a freelance SEO agency consisting of a young Belgium couple with passion for design & SEO. We have all the tools and knowledge needed to launch any online project. In need of 100% dedicated marketing support for your project? Contact us now and find out how we can help.

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SEO Audit

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Could your website use a full make-over?
We re-create your website in WordPress 100%
SEO Optimized & responsive from the start.

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